Williams Formula One Ceramic Coat


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Williams Formula One Ceramic Coating for Cars in Canberra

Diamond Detail are certified trainers and applicators of Williams Ceramic Coat Paint Protection, offering high-quality ceramic coating for cars in Canberra at competitive prices.

Once applied to your vehicle’s paintwork, the coating creates a tough, high-gloss finish that protects from pollutants and harsh car wash chemicals that can cause the paintwork to dull and fade as the years go by.

Paintwork treated with Williams car ceramic coating is guaranteed for 5 years on used vehicle and life time warranty on new vehicle’s. Unlike many paint protection products out there, the Ceramic Coat does not require enhancers to maintain its glossy shine or lifetime guarantee.

Why Choose Williams Car Ceramic Coating in Canberra?

By coming to us for Williams’ car ceramic coating, Canberra drivers can benefit from:

  • Showroom shine –The impressive high-gloss finish not only looks great, but can also help to boost the value of your vehicle
  • Easier maintenance – The protective coating stops exterior paintwork from fading and catching dirt and grime, making cleaning and washing quicker – and polishing obsolete
  • Cost savings – Less dirt, grime and fading means less money spent on washing, waxing and other maintenance

For more information on our services in ceramic coating, please don’t hesitate to contact the friendly team at Diamond Detail. You can also request a free quote by phone, online enquiry form, or by dropping in to see us.